NUNNER offers a wide range of road transport possibilities. From groupage services to express or temperature controlled. NUNNER has an extensive network of own locations and agents all over Europe and the CIS countries that work all according to the challenging and unbeatable NUNNER standards.



Nunner offers groupage services, less than truckload (LTL) and full truck loads (FTL) every day, from anywhere to everywhere in Europe and CIS, fast and reliable. Also hazardous cargo (ADR).

Nunner has an extensive network of own locations and agents all over Europe and the CIS countries that work all according to the challenging and unbeatable Nunner standards. Nunner works with Europe’s best carriers and has a fleet of 1500 trucks available to fulfil customers needs. Customers relying on Nunner during all seasons will not face capacity issues in peak seasons or at the end of the year!
Moving goods from A to B is the basis of the service. This means loading punctual, transporting safe and delivering punctual without damages and no manco’s. We do it Better, Cheaper and Faster.

We measure our “on time loading”, our “on time delivery (within timeslot)”. We measure our “quality”. We measure (our customers) “costs”. We measure our “carbon footprint”. All deviations are registered and will be subject to Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Corrective Action Programs and depending on the nature of the deviation it will go into PDCA cycles. Nunner’s KPI’s are strict. Nevertheless we score 99,9% on all critical ones.

Nunner controls each shipment from door to door and we deliver IOD (Information on Delivery) and POD (Proof of Delivery) electronically or via our tracking zone. Customer satisfaction with Nunner’s customers is legendary and very high.



Next to our Ambient LTL and FTL services we offer the same services for temperature controlled transports. All of our road services are fully monitored, temperature controlled and GDP (Good Distribution Practice) and SQAS-compliant, meeting all customer requirements in terms of regulation, security, quality and handling for Life Science, Pharmaceutical & Chemical industries and Food transport. A part of our fleet is equipped with twin decks and we offer also dual temperature solutions on our trucks. We handle transports that require temperatures from – 30C up to + 30C.


Express and dedicated services
Nunner Logistics is relied upon for shipments requiring the utmost in speed and care. For the special demands of the Medical, Hi-Tech, Automotive, Oil & Gas and Food industries we provide the highest level of service. At Nunner we know, from experience, how industries that rely on technology to keep production on stream need logistical support of an unusually high standard. We understand how, if a critical component fails, fast replacement is crucial.
Nunner delivers a speed and quality of service that simply cannot be matched by conventional market players.

Your benefits

  • Reliable and fast delivery of urgent shipments anywhere in the world
  • A dense worldwide network, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Express fleet consisting of motorcycles, luxury cars, vans up to 13,60mtr trucks
  • All shipments departing on the first available flight
  • On-board couriers available to hand carry critical shipments
  • Expert knowledge of import, export and customs regulations
  • No weight, size or value restrictions
  • Specialists in the transport of Dangerous Goods
  • All shipments individually controlled and monitored from pick-up to delivery
  • Immediate IOD  (Information Of Delivery)



It takes a special kind of provider to help you move your special cargo. That’s where Nunner’s experience with forwarding special cargo and our European wide  relationships with heavy haul carriers help you. We’ve got the experts who can help you find the right equipment for everything from equipment for the oil and gas industry  to the most complex over-dimensional moves. Nunner takes care for all permits, convoys and will make the road free for your cargo. Nunner knows what you need and cooperates only with the best carriers who know how to get the job done.

Nunner calculates and offers the right equipment

  • Basic Flats
  • Step Decks
  • Expandable trailers
  • Goosenecks and other specialty equipment

Nunner delivers you peace of mind

  • We only work with the best carriers in the business.
  • We monitor your special transport and will report every milestone during the transport, more times a day.
  • Nunner  knows how to move your freight, what equipment is needed, and we can organize cranes for loading and unloading

Nunner’s expertise let you save time and cost

  • We give you the cost advantages of our relationship with our carriers
  • We know where to go to obtain permits and organize convoys in the fastest way.
  • We know what equipment will be needed and what carriers are best suited for your freight, minimizing load time and eliminating delays.
  • Our flatbed and specialized carriers are held to the highest standards of safety and professionalism, mitigating the risk in transit for your freight.
  • No matter how big your load, or how far it needs to move, Nunner  is your connection to worry-free execution every step of the way.



The term hazardous material is applied to all substances and objects whose transport may represent a potential threat to the environment, humans, animals and public safety and order. The transportation of hazardous materials is therefore subject to various legal regulations depending on the mode of transport. The regulations concerning classification for the relevant mode of transport determine whether a substance or object is a hazardous material. For road freight the ADR regulations are applicable. Nunner moves hazardous cargo via both LTL and FTL   Nunner practises its own Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors (DGSA) and ADR specialist. They offer shippers all the advice that is required. A shipper’s or customer’s Dangerous Goods cargo will be checked promptly and accurately. Legal requirements concerning all of the countries and ports related to transport are taken into account.

In addition, Nunner ensures safe transport by observing the relevant stowage and segregation requirements of dangerous goods. This gives additional safety to the cargo, our warehouse staff, our drivers and the overall environment. Nunner’s DGSA’s are also available to discuss all issues with regard to the different international and domestic regulations and help customers find solutions for special arrangements and exemptions via our relations to the authorities in countries around the world.

All our hardware and staff (X-docks, X-dock staff, trucks and truck drivers) are fully in conformity with international regulations. Each driver has his ADR-license and knows how to handle dangerous goods and what to do in case of emergency. All trucks and hauliers are audited twice a year in order to verify if they are still in accordance with international regulations and the even more strict Nunner regulations. Nunner has several DGSA officers and a “Dangerous Goods Specialist” (highest degree) in the company.
Nunner has done an SQAS assessment and complies with all requirements there-of. SQAS is an assessment system that was developed by the chemical industry itself (CEFIC) to check if service providers comply with all requirements in respect to safety, control, organisation, quality and environment.



Nunner’s state of the art Transport Management Software ist the backbone of the company. It not only facilitates the internal processes, reduces mistakes almost to zero and is very easy to connect via EDI to software systems of our customers, but it also enables customers to have full transparency on their supply chain. The system works according to the so called milestone-principle that shows exactly in which part of the pipeline a particular shipment is at a certain moment. Nunner was 15 years ago one of the first logistics service providers that had POD’s and other documents online available for it’s customers.

Nowadays Nunner’s tracking & tracing goes much further than that. Not only you can track easily on shipment level, you can also download complete overviews. You can downdrill as much as you want, having e.g. all shipments visible to a particular country in a period, or all shipments in a certain weight bracket or to a special customer. The customer indicates his wishes and Nunner’s programmers will realize it. You do not have to adapt to our systems, no, we adapt our systems to your requirements.

Nunner can make following reports available online :

  • performance overviews
  • quality overviews
  • financial overviews
  • carbon footprint overviews

All these overviews can be downloaded directly from the website into excel or can directly be send by email to a stakeholder. If it more convenient we can also send the reports on a regular basis.