Nunner logistics certified DOPSYS

NUNNER Logistics is extremely proud and honoured to be one of the first DOPsys™Technical Distribution / Last Mile providers in the world !!

DOPsys™  is the world’s first certified process for technical distribution and last mile delivery. The process Deliver , Offload & Position System was launched in Dublin 2013 @ www.datacentres-ireland.com . DOPsys™ delivers a consistently high standard in technical distribution for service providers delivering the service and more importantly for their clients and end users procuring the service.  DOPsys™  “Your Last Miles Manager” deals with the technical processes, the personnel training, the service specific insurance, the IT infrastructure, the specialist mechanical handling equipment and the transport vehicles required to ensure a Premium Technical Distribution Service. Complete customer satisfaction for the end user of installed product is the ultimate goal for DOPsys™. In order to achieve this goal, DOPsys™  addresses all elements which contribute to “last mile management”:

DOPsys™  has been developed as the only global solution for Technical Distribution and Last Mile Delivery rolling out internationally in 2014.  NUNNERs DOPsys™ Certified Personnel: Level 1 (Technician), Level 2 (Team leader) & level 3 (Project Manager) have completed the unique training programmes designed for technical distribution and last mile delivery. The training was delivered by Logistics Learning Alliance (LLA) and accredited by The Chartered Institute Of Logistics and Transport (CILT) and is the world’s first training programme for Technical Distribution