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Connecting China to the world

A first-ever freight train filled with Dutch-made Machinery, Mineral fuels, Pharmaceuticals, Optical, technical, medical apparatus and Organic chemicals set to depart in March 2018, for China’s heralded “New Silk Road,”. In 18 days, it is expected to arrive at the city of Yiwu in eastern China! Read more >

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The shareholder of a.o. NUNNER Logistics and Caroz, THE Control Tower invests in Data Science, AI and Robotics!

The shareholder of a.o. NUNNER Logistics and CAROZ, THE Control Tower provides growth capital to the Eindhoven data science consultancy company Bright Cape, (which also includes SARA Robotics), together with the management and founders.  Bright Cape is active in the field of digital transformations and data driven process optimization and through its subsidiary SARA Robotics in robotics.

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