Typical working areas at Nunner are Finance and accounting, Planning, Business development, Warehouse and Logistics engineering.



Nunner’s accounting department plays an enormous role within the company.  Accounting is the backbone of our business. The root is our bookkeeping.  They keep track of all of the funds that our business handles, including money paid to the business, money paid out, and assets that the business holds. Our bookkeepers are keeping the ledgers of Nunner balanced so the management  can assess, at a glance, the financial state of the company. Records handled by the bookkeeper include payroll, company ledgers, bank statements, and paperwork pertaining to real estate and investments.

Nunner offers a rich and diverse environment in which to pursue your career interests. We provide opportunities to move across different financial disciplines, so you can expand your skills and leverage your expertise in new ways.

Are you drawn to the detail of finance? Apply your skills at Nunner Logistics .

Job titles include a.o. : Billing Coordinator,  Accountant; Tax Coordinator,  Accounting Supervisor; Accounts Payable and Receivable; Payroll.



In our planning department our freight dispatchers are responsible for understanding our customer’s needs and merging them with innovative logistics solutions. They take care for orders from booking, dispatch, tracing, upto completion. At all times the teams are able to secure truckcapacity to our steady customerbase also in peak seasons. Our dispatchers understand how important it is to build solid relationships based off of personal attention, not only with our customers, but also with our suppliers. Nunner dispatchers negotiate spot and contract rates based on capacity and lane. And they are proactive and aggressive in learning new aspects of logistics and delivering new solutions to customers.

Are you interested in applying practical creativity to develop optimal logistics solutions for customers? Consider joining Nunner’s  innovative team.

Job titles include:  Operations Manager, Logistics Analyst, Operations administrator, Management Trainee, and more.



The sales and account management team play a critical role in developing logistics business opportunities that lead to long-term growth for Nunner. They cultivate lasting relationships with customers by helping them identify and achieve their financial goals.

Strong ambition, a customer-focused mindset and a personal drive for professional excellence make our sales team stand out in the industry. They sell ethically with integrity within a fast-paced environment. Sales

Depending on position, candidates should have a minimum of two to five years of sales or account management experience preferably in the logistics industy..

Do you like the challenge of helping customers succeed in one of the most exciting logistics companies ? Consider sales at Nunner..

Job titles include:  Sales Executive, Account Executive, Account Manager, Business Development Manager.



Our Logistics Engineering specialists  provide innovative solutions for our customers’ complex logistics needs in warehouse design, transportation, network design and supply chain management.

Problem solving skills, a strong ambition and a personal drive for professional excellence help our logistics engineers maintain their commitment to continuous improvement.

Nunner offers a variety of logistics engineering roles in a dynamic environment. Ideally, candidates should have a university degree in logistics engineering or similar.  Candidates with experience using advanced transportation and warehouse model tools may be qualified as well..

Do complex logistics problems spark your interest? Let you be challenged by Nunner Logistics.



Every day, our warehouse team practices the highest safety standards while working efficiently, accurately and timely to meet the needs of our logistics customers in a variety of industries – from consumer appliances to packaging materials, automotive supplies and other consumer goods.

Our warehouse employees work in a fast-paced environment in a variety of 5S roles, including order picking, forklift/lift-truck, packaging, inventory, and shipping and receiving. They are vital to helping us optimize our customers’ warehousing and distribution systems – saving them time and money.

We value dedicated, reliable employees who can work independently or part of a team. Our warehouse workers receive training to further enhance their skills.

Do you want to work in a state-of-the-art warehouse facility to help optimize customers’ inventory flow? Consider joining one of our warehouse teams..

Job titles include: Warehouse Worker, Forklift Operator, Warehouse Supervisor.