Nunner is a fast growing logistics company and for a reason. Our skillfull and committed people know how they should serve our customers. They are supported by high-end IT solutions and a worldwide network. In our daily operations we need a wide variety of skilled people.


Who we are
Nunner is a superior provider of logistics services. Our legacy started back in 1955 in Austria. Nowadays the company is headquartered in Helmond, The Netherlands with locations in several European countries. We pride ourselves on creating innovative logistics solutions for our customers, relying on the latest technology and the most passionate people to get the job done right.

What we do
Nunner transports and stores freight and lots of it. We work for a selection of Fortune 500 companies. What we do has a direct impact on the economy. If our flows stopped moving, products wouldn’t be delivered.

How we operate
Nunner remains stable and strong because we conduct our business with the utmost respect for our employees, our customers and the world around us.

  • We offer our employees competitive pay and comprehensive benefits, challenge them to be best in class and celebrate victories with them.
  • We commit to our customers honesty, integrity and an unwavering commitment to get the job done right.
  • We respect the world around us by operating in an environmentally-friendly manner. We are continually striving to reduce CO2 gas emissions and improve fuel efficiency.


Nunner is proud to be certified ISO 9001, 14001, AEO-operator, SQAS assessed, TAPA audited.



Every product you see around you has been on a truck, train, ship or aircraft at some point—your laptop, your phone, the bed you sleep in, the food you eat.  Nunner specializes in how each of those products ends up where it needs to be. We are a company, coordinating the movement of massive amounts of freight across the world for customers of all sizes in a variety of trade and industries.

Nunner is a fast growing logistics company, and this has a reason. Our skillfull and committed people know how they should serve our customers. They are supported by high-end IT solutions and by a big worldwide network, but they execute their task with the personalized service model of a niche provider. In our daily operations we need a wide variety of skilled people. Typical jobs at Nunner are a.o. dispatchers, , salespeople, forkliftdivers, financial administrators, financial analysts, facility managers, plantmanagers etc.etc. We are constantly  looking for outgoing, energetic, intelligent, and motivated individuals to combine prospective customer’s needs with resourceful transportation solutions and who can run the activities to accommodate that in all disciplines.



At Nunner we know that  exceptional customer service is necessary. We allocate a budget every year for customer service initiatives and employee development.

How do we do that? We train our people on the job, on how our systems work, how the procedures are etc. This is extremely important due to our highly sophisticated processes. It teaches our employees to do something step by step.

On the other hand we educate our people about how to think about service in any condition and then choose the best action to take (and think outside the box) depending on the situation. Customer comments, compliments, complaints, and competitive information are all key for this.

Nunner offers education to its employees. We incorporate all aspects of our service culture in our education Together with Indicia Total Performance we developed our own NUNNER TOTAL PERFORMANCE ACADEMY where our associates are educated to develop their general competences and competences that are key for their daily performance. We focus a.o. on uniformity, exceed customers expectations, internal cooperation, teambuilding, personal development and more.

Nunner staff understands that sticking to the script and providing the service isn’t enough. Great service is not just about following a procedure or a sequence of steps. It’s about applying our service mindset to proven service principles.

reference INDICIA TPA



Doing your internship or graduation project at Nunner Logistics offers you the opportunity to look behind the scenes in a  leading provider of logistics solutons. During your internship you will discover whether our dynamic challenging work environment fits you and your ambitions.

Nunner is always looking for ambitious, talented students who are passionate about the world of logistics. Your application should consist of a CV and a cover letter, where you mention your interests, ideas, motivation and availability.

You can send internship requests to corporate.hr@nunner-logistics.com.