Nunner Logistics, your DOPsys™ certified partner in Technical Distribution: Deliver, Offload & Position.

We are Europe’s Premier Technical Distribution specialists.  We have vast experience in IT Installations and Relocations for some of the worlds top  IT companies.  We have expert, professional experience in installing and relocating Servers, Racks/Cabinets, PC’s, Printers, Photocopiers, ATM’s, POS Systems, Storage Systems, Chiller Units, UPS/Battery Systems and Switch Gear.

  • Installation Delivery, off-load & positioning
  • Relocations Internal / External single or multi equipment move
  • Rollouts Multiple/Geographical Site contracts
  • Move Management Site Survey & Method Statement / Risk Assessment, Project Management
  • Crating & Packaging for shipment or storage
  • WEEE Recycling Certified Removal & Disposal of old equipment
  • Professional Crews Uniformed, Manual handling certified, ADR Licensed
  • Installation Vehicle’s Air-Ride suspension, 3-ton tail lifts, cushioned rails with lock & load strapping
  • Specialised Equipment Stair-Climber, scoots, scissor lifting units, barrows, dollies, pallet trucks
  • Premium Equipment Insurance Automatic cover up to €500,000 on any single move and additional insurance cover on request.

The ‘last mile delivery’ is the most critical element in the supply chain for a wide range of valuable products that require specialized  procedures, management and logistical skills that however can be adapted to every single situation.DOPsys™  is the world’s first certified Technical Distribution process and represents a new industry standard in last mile delivery. Based on a tool within the DOPsys™  framework, NUNNER Logistics can provide an analysis for carbon foot printing which enables a more sustainable process. With DOPsys™  in place we guarantee a highly sophisticated framework with standardized processes for a successful project execution.


The DOPsys™  portfolio consists of:

  • Best practice technical processes via a unique 4 step approach (Assessment, Planning, Execution & Post Delivery Activities), DOPsys™
  • Training accredited to 3 levels by The Chartered Institute Of Logistics and Transport  (Technician, Team Leader & Project Manager)
  • Bespoke all risk product insurance guaranteed at maximum cover € 500.000,=
  • End to end IT module automating full process including real-time web access for clients to view image and documents of installed product
  • Specialist vehicles and certified handling equipment designed for last mile delivery
  • Asset and resource management
  • Sustainability tool & tracker
  • Quality performance audits
  • Additional Qualifications (Adquals) allowing product added value services



“The Tailored Supply Chain” … A NEW ERA … : Nunner has the Know How !!
A general worldwide survey questionnaire, which is held by several multinationals and consultancy offices, showed that the current servicelevels provided by company’s to their customers can be improved. The theoretical and field research we have done has shown the increasing expectations of customers about the service and delivery options. Research shows that the traditional supply chain approach is not sufficient anymore to offer a proper and efficient way to meet the extensive expectations of customer service. It was also realized that company’s should look more from the ‘outside of the company to the inside of the company’ to meet customer expectations.

tailored supply chain

Based on the philosophy of Dr. Gattorna, called “Dynamic Supply Chains”, customers should be segmented based on their buying behavior and specific buying preferences. Each customer segment is linked with the delivery models Make-To-Stock, Make-to-Order, Configure-to-Order and Engineer-to-Order.

Source: Paradigm, ‘Best of both World’s strategy’ Gattorna (2010)

The four delivery models show the optimal way in which customer groups can be best supported. One of Nunner’s manager studied during his MBA thesis additional literature and did a lot of field research on it. During his study he was supported by Dr. John Gattorna himself, which makes that Nunner has nowadays the know-how inhouse about how to utilize the philosophy and about how to create an actual implementation plan and make the philosophy operational.

To achieve a successful implementation it is important that company’s start with drawing up a customer / product combination as part of the customer segmentation and create specific buying preferences. By using Cost-to-Serve and Margin-to-Serve in the right way company’s can comprehend the costs and returns per customer / product combination.

Using Cost-to-Serve and Margin-to-Serve makes company’s better able to take the right financial decisions depending on the desired combination of product and service. In most cases company’s are wise to include service as a cost element in their catalogue for a complete transparency of the costs for the desired service.

Nunner started to assist some of our existing clients with implementing the Tailored Supply Chain model as part of their strategy to meet customer needs with less logistical costs. Our clients experiencing our actual delivery services as an extension of their business where they achieved more satisfied end customers.

If you want to learn more about it, just contact us at tailoredsuppychain@nunner-logistics.com



Nunner knows the market and the requirement in the CIS countries better than any other party. Since 1987 Nunner is active on the territory of the former Soviet Union and Nunner was the first (!!) foreign logistics service provider to open an own representative in Moscow still in the times of Gorbatschov. Today Nunner has full service range for all transportflows to Belarus, Russia, Ukrain, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaidjan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Tadzjikistan and Kazachstan.l

Roadfreight: Nunner offers  LTL and FTL from all Europe to the most important logistics centers in Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg. But we also connect to other major economic centers, including Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Rostov. These are becoming increasingly important in the regions as logistics centers because of growth in retail and industry. Our office in Vilnius serves as the perfect support to coordinate with our Russian offices the green light process and to secure truckcapacity.

Railtransport: Nunner offers wagon and containers via railway to all stations in CIS. Our agent at the Polish/Belarussian border secures transshipment from truck to train, or from train to train.  Russia has the world’s second lagert railnetwork which is about  85,000 kilometers long. 83 Percent of all freight in Russia is transported via this network. Also in the other CIS countries the railnetwork is large. Nunner focusses on  rail transports on as well shipments between Russia and Europe as well as on  transports from Europe to Asia via Russia. Via the trans-Siberian railroad Nunner currently offers a transittime from Pusan to Helsinki of 16 days (47 days via oceanfreight)

Shortsea: Nunner Short Sea services cover Nordic routes as well as routes via the Mediterranean, and include routing connection possibilities via the Wolga river. We have excellent connections with all shortsea vessel owners in the Baltic region ensuring competive rates and spaceguarantee all year long, Apart from offering serices to all St Petersburg ports (incl Kronstadt, PLP, FCT, Ust-Luga etc), we offer also service to the ports of Klaipeda, Riga and Talllinn and organize onforwarding to the Russian “hinterland” by railway or truck. Last but not least we also have the routing of shortsea to Finnish ports with onforwarding via green borders to Russia..

Domestic: within Russia Nunner works with a selected partner network enabling us to cover all Russian territory within a fast transittime offering transparency to customers about the status of their shipment. For the Western part of the country we transport mainly by truck, for the eastern part we use the extensive Russian railnetwork.