In the fast-paced and increasingly globally competitive world of  high-tech and electronics, we  face the challenge to respond to and engage with, the ever-evolving needs of our customers in this industry.

Nunner helps its customers in this industry gain competitive edge by:

  • Getting products to global markets better, faster and cheaper
  • Providing a consistent tracebility at all times
  • Measuring each and every single activity relevant for a smooth supplychain and take the necessary actions where applicable


Whether it is a time sensitive new product release or a replenishment shipment to a retail store, Nunner understands the necessity of visibility, traceability, and reliability. We have developed and implemented solutions for quite some companies in electronics and understand the time sensitivity in servicing their customers.  Some of the largest and fastest growing electronics companies use Nunner Logistics’ services  to manage their local or global supply chains.



Nunner knows how critical product quality and chain of custody are in the health care & pharmaceutical  industry. We  provide the logistics processes and technology that are required to ensure them.  Broken packages or medicines not maintained within required temperature ranges can apart from being refused by consignees,  cause life-threatening situations. Nunner operates supply chain solutions that ensure that time- and temperature sensitive products reach their destination safely.  Real time monitoring of temperature, seals, bulldoglocks, screening of drivers  and closed cold chain solutions ensure the integrity of the products at arrival.



With compliance and safety embedded into the Nunner values, understanding our customers’ requirements in delivering safe and fully compliant services Nunner takes care of your business. We’re a specialist in the safe x-docking, handling and transport of harmless and dangerous goods. Working with our chemicals and agribusiness customers, we’ve developed an efficient, compliant and transparent suite of logistics services. Nunner has deep experience improving supply chain management for leading U.S. and European chemical, paint and agribusiness companies. We understand the market and regulatory forces affecting this industry and can adapt your operations to maximize safety and effectiveness. Nunner was assessed by Lloyd’s Register to evaluate our safety, security, quality and environmental standards according to Cefic’s Safety and Quality Assessment Systems (SQAS).



As a preferred supplier to a range of automotive customers Nunner delivers comprehensive supply chain solutions for direct supply and aftermarket. We understand the costdriven, complex nature of the automotive sector. In response, we developed cost-effective, ‘just in time’ supply chain and measuring solutions with the aim to fulfil all logistics requirements for our automotive customers. Our optimized solutions ensure that your components or parts reach their destination quickly and reliably, using all transportation modes such as road, rail, ocean or air freight.



Paper and packaging  products are virtually everywhere you look and are used by almost all other industries. Nunner knows how vulnerable paper, labeling and packaging materials are and how carefully they should be treated. Many customers in this industry are facing lots of damages in their supplychain. By setting up quality workshops and improvementprograms together with some of our customers from the industry we succeeded to reduce the numbers of damages to almost zero, without any costs impact. For the transport of paper rolls, Nunner has an own fleet of socalled Joloda trailers for transport in western and central Europe. Nunner operates some dedicated warehouses for customers in the paper and packaging industry.