Munich, 2019 June 7th, AUFWIEDERSEHEN Messe Muenchen…

Some figures: 4 days, >2000 visitors at our booth, 50 bottles of Gin (=750 GT), 100 liters of Augustiner Hell, 10 kg coffee beans, 200 liters Pellegrino.

Nunner Logistics presence was a great success thanks to my fellow board members Pascal Horvers, Etienne Gerrits Mba, Rob Bergmans, our country directors Ovidija Jankauskaite, Patrick Sohnegg, Gerhard Gerl, Tomaz Slivniker, Marcin Szostak, Caroz B.V. director Rudy Claessens, directors Erik Groot Wassink, Rob Kloosterman and not to forget our Chinese hostesses in Austrian Dirndl Yiming, Yike and Xiyue. Unfortunately our Swiss director Tufan Khalaji had to miss the event because of personal circumstances.

München be prepared: We will be back at the fair of 2021!