A truck of Alois Nunner Internationale Spedition und Transport in 1967

Bistrica (Former Yugoslavia) 1967, a truck of “Alois Nunner Internationale Spedition und Transport” en route to the port of the Yugoslavian Rijeka. Here a stop between Maribor and Rijeka near Bistrica (now Slovenia). Our heroes of the time Siegfried Seljak and Franz Lierzer proudly pose in front of their brand new truck. At the time, it took about 7 hours to do such a ride.

Leibnitz (Austria) 2020, a few generations later, we will drive on this route to Rijeka for only half the time for 3.5 hours. The truck fleet controlled by Nunner Logistics, Leibnitz has now grown to 340 units. A large part of the fleet is, as of now, equipped to transport ADR goods and from 1 January 2021 for cold chain (incl ADR). Well done Patrick Sohnegg and team !