Today’s global supply chains have become increasingly complex and fragmented. Markets are volatile, competition is intense, and customers are more demanding than ever. Nunners’ 4PL/ LLP experts develop, implement and manage solutions that streamline your supply chain to make it lean,
agile and demand-driven.

With our technology, resources, lean approach and extensive expertise in supply chain, Nunner Logistics is ideally positioned to become your full-service partner of choice. Our tailor-made client solutions are built around the following services:

Supply chain control tower operations

Nunner 4PL/LLP operates out of two control towers in Europe: Helmond in the Netherlands and Vilnius in Lithuania and has multiple freight coordinators on client premises. Our experienced and multi-lingual teams have access to industry leading tools and technology and work close together to provide best in class service at very competitive costs.

Our mission is to provide you peace of mind. We find the best mode and carrier for each of your shipment. We show you were it is and more important, we take immediately and pro-active action when things go wrong and fix it before you notice. With our Nunner Transport Management System (NTMS) and Business Intelligence (BI) technology, we can provide you all relevant information to manage you supply chain and provide the best service to your clients. Services we provide are:

  • Shipment planning
  • Dynamic optimization
  • Carrier allocation
  • Multi-mode management (FTL, LTL, parcel, rail, last-mile, white glove, air and ocean)
  • Shipment visibility (real-time and milestone tracking)
  • Event management
  • Premium freight management
  • Spot rate management
  • Shipment consolidation and aggregation
  • Freight audit & pay and accrual management
  • Customer service and single points of contact
  • Customs activities
  • BI interactive reporting
  • Supplier compliance programs
  • Quality and claims management
  • DC implants

Carrier management and procurement

As markets are volatile, carrier capacity and costs are fluctuating constantly. Nunner carrier managers have a deep knowledge of the European freight market and trends. We leverage volumes of multiple clients to provide the best available rates in the market. Next to costs, capacity is key to manage your network successful. Nunner has more than 400 carriers and suppliers and we can provide capacity where others cannot.

Nunner 4PL/LLP can use the own contracted carriers for your network and expand these via our procurement team and process to assure the best match. It is however also possible to use our client own carrier contracts. In this case, we will manage and optimize the performance of your carriers.

On behalf of our customers, we manage carrier claims and assure that the maximum compensation will be realized. Results are measured and reported via the PPM methodology. Services we provide are:

  • Carrier procurement
  • Carrier performance management
  • Carrier onboarding
  • Claims management
  • Carrier audits and training
  • Capacity management
  • Crisis management
  • Carrier system integration
  • BI reporting
  • Market trends updates
  • Manage and coordinate joint carrier and supplier improvement programs

Business Intelligence (BI)and Big data

Accurate, relevant and timely end to end information and intelligence is crucial to manage and improve your supply chain. We work in close corporation with our clients to define what information is relevant in all parts of the customer supply chain to control process and respond pro-actively to events.

Nunner`s interactive and real–time BI technology creates customized dashboards that show performance and status of all relevant activities.Data is pulled out ot Nunner`s NTMS suite and directly connected to a BI database that is accessible on multiple devices like pc`s, smartphones and Ipads.

Next to the automatically generated dashboards, Nunner 4PL/LLP also supports extensive analytics and specific customized reporting. Some examples are:

  • Financial reporting (e.g. accruals, costs indicators on multiple levels, FA&P details, invoice accuracy)
  • Performance reporting of carriers, measured in NTMS (e.g. pick-up and delivery performance, claims, damages, data accuracy, IOD/POD lead-time)
  • Customer Experience (e.g. customer service, complaints, T&T accuracy, driver performance)
  • Sustainability (e.g. CO2, green initiatives)

Supply chain optimization and value engineering

Lean tools and processes, experienced engineers and innovative technology are the key component of our well-developed supply chain optimization and value engineering services. We work in close corporation with our clients as an extension of their own teams to drive innovation and best practices to your supply chain.

We help our clients to define the current state of their supply chain from different perspectives and to develop the required successful future state supply chain or transportation strategy. Our lean tools like value steam mapping, kaizens and continuous improvement roadmaps deliver a robust foundation to build a sustainable future solution and generate ongoing costs savings and service enhancements.

Nunner uses a unique innovation and collective intelligence IT platform that links all relevant stakeholders in the supply chain and transportation community of our clients and selected carriers to develop and leverage new innovative ideas that deliver value to our clients. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Network studies
  • Lean value stream mapping and kaizen/A3 programs
  • LTL & FTL load optimization
  • Packaging optimization
  • Lane optimization
  • Single site and multisite consolidation programs
  • Shipment aggregation studies
  • Parcel zone skipping and parcel line hauls
  • Big data analyses
  • Mode shift studies
  • Last mile, white glove and technical distribution programs
  • Carrier IT and label integrations
  • Merge in transit programs
  • Inbound consolidation and supplier programs
  • TCO/Total landed costs analyses


Our colleagues in the Nunner 4PL/LLP team are a mix of international, multi-lingual, high educated and skilled technical engineers, IT consultants, procurement managers, account & customer experience specialists and transportation planning veterans that know the industry very well. They have all the same drive to provide you ‘peace of mind’ and at the same time ‘challenge the status quo’ to enable you to focus on your core activities.

We have Nunner 4PL/LLP team members on site of our large client operations in several European countries who work close together with the carriers and client teams on site.


Nunner 4PL/LLP has developed standard robust processes for each service and is ISO 9001 certified. Both European control towers in the Netherlands and Lithuania leverage best practices and support each other thru cross functional processes.

Our lean processes and innovation management helps to drive sustainable long-term improvements and creates support of the people in our client organization for change and new ideas.


In today’s world, technology is changing constantly and in a fast pace. For that reason, Nunner 4PL/LLP is a strong believer in modular, SAAS based and flexible systems that can be updated keep up to date with the newest developments.

Nunner Transport Management System Suite (NTMS suite) is a modular network of integrated systems, that can support all requirements in today’s 4PL/LLP management for supply chains and transportation networks at very competitive costs.

NTMS can easily connect with major client ERP and WMS systems via middleware or a large variations of interface protocols and API.  The system is interfaced with more than 250 carriers. Functionalities that we support are:

  • Carrier integration and connections
  • Carrier labelling and printing on site
  • Carrier selection
  • Dynamic planning
  • Multi leg planning
  • Multi lingual
  • Freight audit & pay
  • Shipment optimization
  • Real-time geofence track & trace
  • Milestone track & trace
  • Customer web portal
  • Proactive event management
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Business Intelligence reporting, dashboards and analytics
  • Carrier procurement and tender management
  • Network studies
  • Innovation management, collective intelligence and idea management
  • Document management